Increase Availability and Maximize Sales

Product Overview

StockWise empowers you to minimize sales loss, reduce waste, and optimize working capital in your Organizations. Stockwise provides precise insights through demand forecasting, eliminating wastage and potential leakages. StockWise is a real-time analytics app that accurately predicts what, when, and how much stock in your inventory you should reduce or replenish. It uses SAP HANA to tackle the scale, complexity, and frequency of computation associated with supply chain Volatility.

Product Benefits

Increase Sales

Everyday demand predictions at each locations/SKU will result in higher availibility and sales.

Reduce Working Capital

Supply chain visibility on avilability, Stockout, Overstock & Sales Loss will drive reductions in working capital.

Reduce Pilferage

Stock audit and stock transfer between locations will reduce pilferage.

Easy Decisioning

Seamless integration with any ERP and analytics will the make real time decisions easy.

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