We are a dedicated team, driven by a mission to provide cutting-edge data science solutions to empower hospitals to deliver cost efficient quality care. Our Vision is to optimise the cost of Healthcare Operations. Our mission is to be the go-to healthcare care optimizations company.

Our journey began with a focus on solving supply chain challenges in the retail industry, looking at the scope we have been focusing on healthcare industries. Since then, we have tailored our applications to cater specifically to CFOs, COOs, and CEOs managing large hospitals.These applications have found a home in world-class healthcare institutions, leading to measurable improvements in efficiency and cost.We are the recepient of SAP HANA Innovation Award.

We pride ourselves on a philosophy and culture that values meritocracy, resulting in a flat organizational structure where every individual has the opportunity to learn and grow. We prioritize transparency above all else, and we offer flexibility in working hours, ensuring that our team can thrive while contributing to our collective goal of reshaping healthcare through technology.

Join us on our journey to create a more efficient and patient-centric healthcare sector. At Retigence, we're committed to driving innovation, delivering excellence, and fostering a culture of growth and transparency.

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