Product Overview

DutyRota offers a game changing, comprehensive dashboard to the hospital leadership including the CHRO, CNO, COO, CFO, and CEO. With automatic scheduling for nurses, doctors, and all healthcare professionals, DutyRota ensures that the right personnel are always on duty. This integrated system simplifies attendance tracking, leave management, payroll processing, scheduling, and duty transfers. Let our software automatically adjust workload distribution aligned with employee preferences and compliance guidelines. This ensures a balanced, well-staffed operation that is efficient and cost-effective.

Product Benefits

Reduce Stress

Skill based auto-generated schedule saving cost, reduce personal requirement and nursing stress and time.

Enance Productivity

Manage schedule Anytime,Anywhere with a simple web-based mobile application enancing productivity of staffs.

Reduce Overtime

Provide real time Intelligent and intuitive recommendation to adjust schedule for the healthcare staff, reducing over time cost/compensatory off.

Easy Decisioning

Easy integration with Biometrics, HR, HIS systems with equitible distributions of leaves and anlytics dashboards for dicision making.

Case Study: Manipal Hospitals

✔ Save 30 productive hours per day

✔ Reduce attrition rates by managing leave & training

✔ Lowers stress on nurses by delivering more equitable rostering

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